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Way Off Site is the podcast where we demystify remote work. Have you ever wanted to learn more about working remotely? Do you want to get a job working remotely, be a more effective remote worker or even incorporate remote work into your team? On our podcast, we interview developers who don't work at headquarters but instead work, you guessed it, Way Off Site. We share their experiences & lessons learned to help all of us understand remote work & make the most of it. I'm your host, T.J. Barbour, and I hope you enjoy listening.
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Jan 31, 2017
This episode we interview Matt McCormick, a former international freelancer and current Sr. Software Developer at Rooof
You can find Matt online at 


Matt McCormick

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Show Notes

On this episode we talk about living internationally to lower living expenses, freelancing, creating an effective portfolio, mentoring remotely and some challenges of growing as a remote developer.

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Jan 17, 2017

Welcome to the first episode of Way Off Site!
Here we interview Marco Cecconi of
You can find Marco online at and follow him at @sklivvz

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Show Notes

On this episode we talk about learning through demo coding in the infancy of the internet, how he got a job at stackoverflow, managing emotions in communication with remote teams, diversity, nigerian tutoring, and living where his money is worth the most.

Show Notes Marco Cecconi
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